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I hired JM Movers for a move on 12-16-2013. I was moving from a small temporary apt to a townhouse.

The move was to load the apt stuff in a truck, take it to my new location and unload a storage pod. The movers arrived on time and got off to a good start, however, it took a drastic turn. They became slower and slower as the day went on. They had another move scheduled for later that day that they didn't want to do it, so they dragged their feet.

There was frequent smoke breaks and cell phone breaks, an extended lunch as well as one of the movers getting picked up by his wife so he could take money out of an ATM for her. The move easily should have been 2 hours less. No care was taken for my possessions. At one point I walked outside and saw wood and upholstered furniture on a snow covered driveway without the use of tarps.

I've had to wipe, green machine and buff dirt and grime off of most pieces of furniture. They did not reassemble dressers, left art in the garage with heavy corn hole game pieces leaning on them, etc.... I spoke to Craig prior to the move and it was my understanding that I would be invoiced through pay pal, however at the end of the move I was told that they would only accept cash and I owed $855.0. It was 8pm, no way to get cash.

After going around and around, Craig agreed to invoice me through pay pal and left his movers there while I took care of the transaction. He then tried to tack on his Paypal fee, to which I said I would not pay. He then agreed to take it off. It was my mistake signing the paperwork so his guys could leave without inspecting my property.

It was a long day and everyone was tired. The next day one of the movers called to tell me shoes were left in the truck and he would drop them by the next day. That day came and went and I never received them. I let 6 days go by then emailed Craig about my property and voiced my displeasure about the move.

Another 6 days went by (total of 12 days since move) and I still had no response from Craig. I sent an email to him stating that I hadn't received a reply about my property so I was filing a complaint with the bbb and Angie's list. He immediately responded to me that I was threatening him and that we already talked about the return of my shoes. I reviewed all emails and phone logs and told him he had not contacted me since the day of my move.

I filed a dispute with PayPal, to which he left me a threatening voicemail telling me if I'm awarded any money he will take me to court and that he absolutely would not drop my shoes of under any circumstances, that I had to go pick them up at his house and see the faces of his family I was stealing money from. I said fine, I will pick then up when it is convenient for you, tell me an address and a day and time. He told me to call him jan 2 (5 days later) when he is back in the office from the holidays, I said I will not call but will email him then. He insisted that I call him directly if I wanted my shoes back.

I said fine, I will call you jan 2 and arrange pickup of my shoes, that I thought it was shady that I had to go to his personal house and that I would be bringing a police escort because he had been threatening and manipulative. Craig then accused me of trying to cause a scene in front of his family and cause trouble, but those were his terms in order for me to get my shoes back. He then said any further attempts to contact him had to be done through a lawyer and I was him. He said he would drop my shoes off at the police station but didn't provide any other details.

Craig is unapologetic for damaging my property, overcharging on hours, and withholding my personal property from me. I have phone message and emails to back up all claims mentioned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jm Movers Moving Service.

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