I needed desparately to move in a hurry. Most of my belongings are average, of decent value.

Except for my plants. I take great pride and care of the 100 plus gems. Some of them are over 20 years old. So my concern was obvious.

Plants cannot be stacked like boxes and must be handled with extreme care, not just moving them but temparature and shocking them is serious. I met 2 companies for an estimate and physically showed the reps what they were dealing with. The best I got was we have insurance and if anything goes wrong we can pay for it. Money would not fix anything.

Enter JM Movers. The owner came out endured my concern and listened. All went well and the workers were very schooled on proper handling.

I don't want to give negative criticism about the others as they were not hired. My plants and I are happy in our new apartment.

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