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JM Movers is NOT a professional moving company. They are inexperienced and disrespectful in moving people's possessions.

1) They had my belongings scattered all over the driveway during the move.

2) They did not wrap any of my artwork or fragile pieces as they state on their website.

3) They inefficiently loaded the truck. After 13 hours and many cigarette breaks and cigarette butts all over the yard, they only moved a portion of my belongings. I had to make 5-6 trips to move the rest of my things after moving one hour away.

4) They left a treadmill because they didn't want to deal with it. I had to reschedule to move it on another day.

5) They broke the front screen door during the move. They never offered to come out and fix it. They only mailed the $12 part which I had to repeatedly ask for for 2 months.

6) They dropped over a 100# headboard onto the bed frame causing 2 large gouges in the headboard and the frame. $200 worth of damage. After 3 months of vicious, attacking emails and a bunch of run around from the owner, he refused to fix it or compensate for the damage.

7) Again after much going back and forth with nasty emails for 3 months the owner told me to take him to court. When I did, he did not show up, in which case I won the case, but then he never paid the court judgement.

8) It seems I'm not the only person that has taken this company to court. See for yourself!! Search in the AVON LAKE CLERK OF COURTS WEBSITE. There was a case a year before mine where he did the same exact thing. In that case the plaintiff took further action and tried to withhold funds from his bank accounts. In 3 separate instances, Craig moved the money out of his bank before the court could withdraw the funds to pay the judgement.

During this entire process, 6 months in total, Craig Boothe was mostly unresponsive, but when he was responsive he was abrasive and unprofessional. Not someone you want to do business with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jm Movers Moving Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Avon Lake, Ohio, United States #1195495

22 hours ago. The reason for the delay in your payment was that we came back to your home and gave you $500.00 extra in free services.

WE moved your treadmill from willoughby to Amherst FREE OF CHARGE. while we were there disassembling your item you were saying awful stuff to us being irate and sending hateful emails afterwards. Then i looked at your head board and there were 2 minor scratches on your head board that if anyone wished i have pictures of to show anyone. I agreed to come and fix your head board then you changed the date on me last minute, the second time i had a sudden death in our family and you proceeded to LAUGH and say other choice things in regards to my loved one dying.

So i then was in a emotional position that I was very offended at your Laughing at my loved one dying it was awful. i was NEVER vicious to you i agreed to pay you the reimburstment amount instead of putting myself or my employees in your home to be verbaly assulted.

However that was not good enough for you. I offered you the amount that was agreed upon in the contract and you refused it again i can give all this proof to anyone that wishes to look into this matter instead of believing what your reading at face value.

We have never been sued before because we do a very good job at moving and we stand by our products .

You are the ONLY PERSON THAT has ever sued us. In addition i hope people can see that this (transferring money from bank accounts would not even be shown on a court docket) so i hope that people can see through that for the LIE that it is .

I cant believe that you are doing this to us after we helped you move at a very reasonable rate. We gave you almost $500.00 of free moving not to mention the day of your move we also gave you 2 hours off your move.

Please prospective customer see through her lies. A court first off would not post anything on a docket saying that "they moved money from accounts to avoid paying" that in of itself should show you and discredit this whole post as its a slanderous lie" As you can see across the board we are rated a 4 to a 5 star company . That is based on a lot of reviews. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

In some cases such as this on Heidi you can not satisfy they are unreasonable and very irate and she is totally over reacting to the whole situation to the point she is lying on a public website. Please see through this post as the LIE it is

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